The seasickness is not a disease and generally it passes quickly. Most of the time you’ll find your sea legs after one day. The first day, we plan a quiet navigation, for the comfort of all. By precaution, ask advice from your pharmacist !

What specific things you will need onboard

A beach towel, a cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, long-sleeved light shirt or sweater, a small pullover, the evenings might be a bit windy. A pair of shoes specifically for the boat if you do not want to walk barefoot aboard. Bug-spray.

A typical day aboard

The day will begin generally towards 8h00 / 09h00, depends on your rhythm ! We’ll have a nice breakfast on board then departure. Generally, we try to stop at noon in a creek so that every body can swim.
The lunch will be prepared with fresh local products.
In the afternoon we can sail a bit more or choose to stay and enjoy the place. We will decide together according to your desires.
In the evening, you will enjoy the local food in typical tavernas !

Can we choose the ports of call ?

Of course ! And in case of a blow of wind, the Captain might propose other choices according to your wishes.

We advice you not to plan too much, because to take advantage of your cruise it is necessary to cut with the rythme of your daily life and appreciate all the moments offered even those who were not planned...

I have no experience and I would like to learn how to sail

I have no experience and I would like to learn how to sail
Great idea ! Bruno will introduce you to the joy of sailing : how to raise sails, to steer, to help for the operation of anchorage, how to use the GPS - GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM -, how read a map and draw its road, etc…

How to join the boat

According to the localization of your embarkation, we shall give you a precise meeting point.